The video installation WERE ROBOTS is the result of the interaction with the installation I meet you I remember you. The work highlights the relationship between the past and the present trough technology. In the video Robot at the MIT lab, selected from the Prelinger Archive, we see an almost rudimentary robot carry out prehensile actions: it was the technological dream to animate machines that one day could become human in their behaviour; they were the years of the boom, of hopes and cyber futurisms. The silhouette of the hands of those interacting – the present – are superimposed on the video, when the interaction I meet you I remember you enters into action. The present of the technological interaction, however, wants to hide the robotic link in favour of a greater corporeal presence.
Concept: Calembour
Interaction: Giorgia Petri

Software: Max/Msp
Material: monitor, webcam

Video Sound Art - Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" - Milano
were robots calembour
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