Urus is a tribute to Alan Turing and his studies on morphogenesis: in Urus, both sound and video follow exactly -in a generative way- the morphogenetic algorithm which, converted into code algorithm, returns in the form of audio and video, to show the creations of patterns in nature. Is an interactive installation, based on the contact with water that triggers the interaction with sound and video, by acting on both simultaneously. The intention is to propose a work that can be a hinge between the metaphorical digital art and life from a biological point of view. The work aims to return water to its creative fecundity, its generative power, through the construction of an immersive environment, within which the sounds and images help to stimulate the intimate relationship with nature. So, the link between nature and art is not mimetic nor simulatic, but rather synesthetic, by the connection between contact, image and sound.
URUS (2013)
Concept: Calembour
Interaction, Sound design: Giorgia Petri

Material: Water, glass, Arduino, computer, projector, speakers
Software: Max/Msp, Arduino

Rawland #01 – Spoleto (2015)
S/V/N Club #7 nella BUKA – Milano (2015)
Timmerman – Milano (2015)
2025 – Future, Environment, Human – Roma (2015)
Degender Fest - Rimini (2014)
Ghetto – Rialto, Roma (2014)
Festival ODS – Terlizzi, Bari (2014)
Treeboo Dissidance - Parma (2014)
Macao Torna A Monte – Macao, Milano (2014)
Videosoundart Festival – Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “L. Da Vinci”, Milano (2014)
Masada - Milano (2014)
Teatro Franco Parenti - Milano (2014)
We Lie - Venezia (2014)
M.E.C. 2014 – Milano Eelectronic City – Milano (2014)
EXXX – Extemporary Experimental Exhibition – Parma (2014)
Milano Makers Music – Fuorisalone, Milano (2014)
The Moonshine - Milano (2014)
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