Photosynthesis is an interactive installation whose conceptual foundations are based on the idea of regeneration of nature and its protection by humans. Entirely powered by solar panels, the work consists of a wooden sphere which changes the shades of light inside depending on the pollution degree and parameters received. The sphere is an explicit reference to the planet Earth, which at the end of the four months will be covered with creepers planted during the residency; the idea is to transform a temporary installation in a sort of site specific work, underlining how each intervention, good or bad, become part of the environment and also to make the digital side subordinates to the irrepressible impact of nature, in a veiled optimism moment.
Concept: Calembour
Interaction: Giorgia Petri

Software and hardware: Arduino
CNC machine: laser cutter
Material: wood/solar panel/neopixel/gas sensor ozone module/dust sensor

Ecoismi 2016 - Inzago, MI (2016)
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