The idea is to recreate an environment that is halfway between the digital and the natural, which gives back the peace and the stillness of contemplation that a natural landscape arouses in eachone and, at the same time, emphasizes the desire of interaction with it, without prevaricate its balance and vitality. What is manifest is a sort of pagan altar, inside which the body of Christ is represented by natural elements and the trinity is a fluid movement of highly lysergic colors, with a dark but yet meditative sound background. At the human contact with nature, the balance breaks: audio and video are glitched. What must be saved here is nature, not mankind anymore. The messianic character is represented by man, the only one who can save or destroy the Planet, the real, non-symbolic, paradise.
Concept: Calembour
Interaction, Sound design: Giorgia Petri

Software and hardware: Max/Msp+Arduino
Material: stones, sand, plants, speakers, Arduino, monitors

Blooming Festival - Pergola, Italy (2018)
Muutos, Kattilakoski culture - Kärsämäki, Finland (2018)
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